Stress – How Can You Deal With It?

Do you experience neck pain, spine pain, migraines or digestive problems? This could be a signal that you are overloaded with stress.

Stress is the body’s response to a difficult situation that requires action. It is something that puts us on alert to act proactively and solve the problem. Therefore, it is mobilizing and has a positive influence on us in this dimension. However, when such a state is prolonged, it puts a significant burden on our body and mental state, and can therefore lead to various symptoms.

It can be likened to holding a glass of water in your hand outstretched. While holding such a glass for a few minutes should not be difficult for us, keeping it in this position for a long time may cause pain in the entire arm.

Likewise here, prolonged stress leads to physical and mental overload. Then our clarity of thinking, ability to respond adequately and resilience deteriorate.

Therefore, if you feel irritable, anxious, have difficulty sleeping, difficulty concentrating, increased blood pressure, headaches, and spine pains, it is an alarm signal to slow down and calm down.

What can you do?

There are many ways: the easiest way is to take time to rest. Plan that you will do something for yourself that you enjoy. It can be a warm bath, an evening with a book, listening to your favorite music, cooking your favorite food, or any other activity where you recharge your batteries.

Use social support. If you have a trusted friend, talk to them about what’s bothering you. Often the mere fact of confiding in our problems causes our blood pressure to drop.

Take care of physical activity. Maybe you like dancing, cycling, running? It has been proven that spending time on sports gives us life energy.

Go for a walk in the park. Contact with nature has a positive effect on the functioning of our body in terms of physical and mental health. Hence, more and more often we hear on television about rituals hugging trees.

Appreciate each day. If you are not already doing this, start writing down reasons to be thankful each day. You will see how much your perspective of perceiving difficulties will change.

Also, get enough sleep and eat well. But what if you feel you need something more?

Take care of emotions and you will provide yourself with inner peace

Good emotional management is the key to better managing stress.

It is very important that you accept what is beyond your control. Otherwise, the constant struggle with reality will exhaust you. Rather, focus on what you can do in this situation and do it.

Determine what makes you get negative emotions and then look for ways to act effectively to ensure inner peace.

You can analyze it yourself. However, if you stay under stress for too long and you feel that you are overloaded or exhausted, use the help of a coach or psychotherapist who will help you look at yourself and the problem objectively, thanks to which you will have a chance to regenerate.

Take care of contact with the body

During the sessions, you can also take advantage of the stress reduction program based on practicing mindfulness. It is the ability to direct your attention to current experiences, thanks to which you acquire more complete contact with your body and mind. Regular exercise deepens awareness of your thoughts, emotions and sensations. This, in turn, increases a positive attitude towards oneself and others, self-acceptance, and better coping with problems and stress.

So what will you gain by using the support of a coach or psychotherapist?

ability to reduce stress

better understanding of emotions

greater self-control

greater efficiency in duties

more patience with yourself and others

better health

Finally, I offer you a thought that is very close to me:

β€œThe value of mindfulness is that we take in with a different, more spacious attention what actually happens in life moment by moment. It also means that we notice the miracle and charm of our very existence and perceive more possible ways of being, knowing and acting. That we live life more consciously, meet it and embrace it lovingly. “

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